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Companies continue to look to their existing fields for increased oil recovery as exploring for new reserves becomes less successful and more expensive with time. Projects that increase/enhance oil reserves from existing fields can be quite expensive and their justification usually requires that static and dynamic reservoir models be built in order to efficiently manage capital. Historically, modeling has been a niche specialty with few experts. Rapid technological changes are making it easier for operating company geologists and engineers to generate models. Students who complete our classes will gain the insight and understanding in all aspects of model building that our staff, with an average of 32 years of practical experience, can provide. Students need to understand and recognize the potential "gotchas" that can lead to a poor model. IRT do not sell hardware or software so we can recommend use of software and methodologies that best match the student's needs. Let our senior industry professionals, averaging 32 years' experience, teach you how to build models, not push buttons!


IRT are currently offering two one week courses that have been taught in clients and IRT's offices. The full experience of IRT's industry experts are distilled into these courses. The Static Modeling and Dynamic Modeling schools will provide an asset team with the necessary theoretical background, data preparation requirements, and practical model building skills. Quality control, data checking for integrated consistency, and quantification of uncertainty are key attributes for these courses. IRT will provide lecture slides & notes, and software tool (Spreadsheets, checklists, and exercises).

Public or Private

Your company has the option of either signing up for one of our publically held schools (see schedule) or IRT can provide the class in your offices. Providing a private in house course gives your company the option of tailoring the class to your specific needs. Our existing clients will often retain our instructors for an additional week to help mentor students. This can be formulated as a group session where the entire class reviews project datasets and databases, or as individual sessions at workstations.