IRT Personnel

Prior to their employment with IRT, all of our personnel gained extensive experience with operating companies and/or other major international consulting companies. Years of experience, as stated herein, equates to years of industry or related experience since graduation and includes post-graduate studies. Detailed resumes of all our personnel including several consulting associates not included here are available upon request.

Mr. Jamin DePrang (Senior Consultant - Geologist / Geocellular Modeling) has 20 years exploration and production experience with major operators. Mr. DePrang specializes in all aspects of integrated reservoir studies with key emphasis on complex structural modelling, clastic sequence stratigraphy, MPS (Multi-point statistical modelling) and assisted history matching. He believes in creating realistic geologic fit for purpose models. Mr. DePrang.s experience includes clastic and carbonate reservoirs within the varied structural settings of; Alaska, US Onshore, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Kazakhstan, Australia (NW Shelf), Malaysia, and Poland.

Mr. Richard G. Dillon (Vice President / Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a registered professional engineer (Wyoming and Texas) with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of reservoir engineering including numerical simulation, technical and economic project evaluation, secondary and tertiary recovery processes, and property acquisitions. His background includes a wide range of experience and skills gained from reservoir, production, and drilling assignments. Recent projects include constructing and utilizing multi-reservoir compositional models, gas storage reservoir analysis and EOR evaluations.

Mr. Eric Ding (Senior Consultant - Engineering) has over 25 years' experience, including reservoir engineering studies for international operators in Alaska and Algeria. He has expertise with both building and running reservoir simulation models, having managed and analysed PVT/EOS and SCAL studies. He has utilized large reservoir models to generate history matched models and conduct reservoir development and optimization studies. The reservoirs have ranged from water, gas, and miscible floods in fields with light and viscous oils, gas condensates, tight reservoirs with fractured wells, as well as thermal recovery of heavy oil. Mr. Ding has been active in simulation, screening, and implementation of unconventional EOR projects using cyclic hydrocarbon gas injection. Mr. Ding served as an SPE 2023-2024 Distinguished Lecturer for Hydrocarbon Miscible Injection in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) in the state of Minnesota.

Mr. Walt Dobbs (Sr. Consultant – Engineering) has over 25 years of experience forecasting reservoir behavior and supporting programs designed to maximize oil and gas recovery and investment returns. He specializes in reservoir simulation, well testing, reservoir fluids characterization, and enhanced oil recovery. He has conducted field studies for conventional and unconventional plays in the Berkine, Denver, Gulf of Mexico, Permian, Persian Gulf, Powder River, and Western Canadian basins and has experience with geothermal and carbon underground storage and sequestration CCUS / CCS processes. Mr. Dobbs served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for the 2021-22 season and is a licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) in Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming.

Mr. Joseph A. Dozzo (Chairman of the Board & President / Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a reservoir engineer with over 41 years experience in computer based reservoir studies ranging from multi-well petrophysical studies, to reservoir simulation studies and reservoir simulation software development and support. As President and a senior consultant with the company, his responsibilities include both management of multi-disciplinary study teams and active participation in the technical work to ensure the successful execution of reservoir studies for industry clients, both large multi-nationals, and local independents. His experience includes the building and history matching of both large and small, two phase, black oil and compositional single and dual porosity VIP and Eclipse reservoir models, and their subsequent application in performance predictions. His prior experience includes management of software development and client support efforts, development of simulation models and their associated pre- and post-processing software, technical support for computer hardware and software installations, and the application of mapping and simulation tools in both consulting and production environments. Mr. Dozzo has international consulting experience in Algeria, Tunisia, Kuwait, UK, Norway, Spain, Yugoslavia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Colombia, as well as many areas within the U.S.

Dr. Thomas L. Gould (Board Member / Senior Consultant - Engineering) has over 48 years experience in the industry. He has been responsible for research and development in reservoir, pipeline, real-time, training, and graphics software. Dr. Gould has gained a broad range of experience as a reservoir engineering consultant. He has conducted numerous oil, gas, and gas storage reservoir simulation studies. Recently, he has specialized in integrated studies management, thermal recovery simulation, EOR simulation, and mentoring. Dr. Gould has received the Cedrick K. Ferguson Medal from SPE and he is a Distinguished Member of SPE.

Mr. James S. Kalbus (Corporate Secretary / Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a petroleum engineer with over 32 years of experience conducting reservoir simulation studies. His responsibilities have included all aspects of reservoir studies including classical data analysis, special core studies, geostatistical modeling, numerical modeling, and optimization of field development. Geographic areas of expertise include Mexico, Middle East, China, Indonesia, Columbia, Venezuela, and the United States. He has special expertise in special core analysis, hydraulic fracture characterization, PVT analysis, and naturally fractured, vuggy carbonate reservoirs.

Mr. Michael T. May (Senior Consultant - Geoscience) has 29 years exploration and production experience including 15 years with a major international operator. Mike specializes in all aspects of integrated reservoir studies including seismic interpretation, velocity modeling, well log correlation, pressure data analysis, routine and special core analysis, and all aspects of geocellular modeling. Mr. May experience includes clastic and carbonate reservoirs within the varied structural settings of Alaska, US Onshore, deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, and Kuwait.

Mr. Patrick L. McGuire (Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a reservoir engineer with 44 years of experience. He is a noted expert in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and has worked on gas injection and low salinity EOR opportunities across the globe. He worked for many years on advanced oil recovery processes for the North Slope of Alaska, which is home to North America's largest oil fields and some of the world's largest EOR projects. He authored numerous technical papers on EOR, and holds seven U. S. patents with a number of additional patents pending. Mr. McGuire also served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, and has addressed over 30 SPE Sections.

Mr. David Smith (Vice President / Senior Consultant - Petrophysicist) has both domestic and international expertise. He has over 40 years. experience in formation evaluation, field studies and petrophysical integration of subsurface data, including core to log integration, production log interpretation, and thin bed pay analysis. Mr. Smith is skilled in leadership, management, mentoring, training, creativity, networking, problem solving, communications, planning, and organizing. He is comfortable in multi-cultural teams.

Mr. Michael Sena (Senior Data Systems Manager) has over 42 years experience in UNIX, LINUX and Windows based networking systems.  Mike has a broad based and in-depth knowledge of design, procurement, installation and support of networking environments for both domestic and international projects. He provides on-site and remote support for a wide range of systems; file servers, database servers, email services, print services, backup/restore services, firewall/VPN services, as well as multi-leveled virus protection, making sure systems are up and running in the most cost effective manner possible.